Rebuilding Since 1964 was founded in July of 2010.

Mike Mayer

Mike grew up in Medina and went to college at American University in Washington, DC.  After graduating, he remained in DC because that's where he got a job. While he is grateful for the opportunities afforded him by the nation's capital, he often finds himself longing for the energy of the Q, the smell of the Jake, or the camaraderie of Browns Stadium.

Mike's also writes about the Cavs for SB Nation's Fear the Sword. In addition, he has written for the Real Cavs Fans blog and Sheridan Hoops.

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Chris Donovan

Donovan recently graduated from the University of Toledo, where he majored in Journalism. He has spent his entire life in Northeast Ohio, and began attending Browns games a few years before the team left for Baltimore. His dad, a long time season ticket holder, deserves most of the credit for establishing Donovan's love for Cleveland sports, especially the orange and brown.

His favorite sports memory isn't a come-from-behind win, an exciting overtime victory, or even a playoff game. It was the infamous "Bottle Gate" game in 2001. He was in the crowd that day, and it was one that he'll never forget. Hopefully he'll someday have a championship to replace that ugly day in December 2001.

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