Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Highlights of the Tribe's 2013 Promotional Schedule

The Indians have been making noise by bringing in some free agents. Hopefully the result will be a competitive baseball team in 2013.

But even if they suck, there will still be a few reasons to head up to Jacobs Progressive Field this summer. Here are some of them (the full promotional schedule is here):

May 4, vs. Twins: 1974-77 Alternate Jersey T-shirt

Apparently they think it is a good idea to celebrate the ugliest jerseys in the history of sports.

May 20, vs. Mariners: Weather Education Day

Let me educate you about the weather, kids. Whatever the meteorologists on TV say, just assume the opposite. Hopefully it will snow this day.

May 29, vs. Reds: 1917-18 Road Jersey T-shirt

Now we're talking. Forget about that crap from the 70s. Let's go old school. I don't even know what jerseys looked like in 1917.

June 1, vs. Rays: Albert Belle Bobblehead

That's right, Albert Belle is getting a bobblehead. Also, Jim Thome is getting a statue. And people actually wonder whether or not we'd take LeBron back.

June 17, vs. Royals: Puppypalooza

So. Many. Puppies.

July 7, vs. Tigers: 1904 Replica Block C Cap

Now we're going back pre-World War I!

July 8, vs. Tigers: Omar Vizquel Bobblehead

I mean this is cool, but shouldn't at least one current player have a bobblehead as well?

July 13, vs. Royals: 1902 Replica Road Jersey

Will the 1904 caps match the 1902 jerseys?

Aug 24, vs. Twins: John Adams' 40th Anniversary

John Adams was a statesman and a fine President, but what does that have to do with base... oh. Not that John Adams.

Sep 2, vs. Orioles: 1973-78 Logo T-shirt

Back to the 70s. Because that's really an era in team history that we want to remember.

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